Welcome to the Computer Science Peer Resource Center!

Hello, struggling undergrad! Do you have the drive to succeed but need help? Then look no further! The Peer Resource Center is here for you! Whether you need a tutor to help you pass a class or a mentor to help you deal with your problems, we have talented individuals devoted to helping you succeed!

Tutoring Offered:

Mentoring is geared towards helping first time Computer Science (CS) students adjust to San José State University and the CS program. The mentors can assist you with time management and study skills as well as helping you find appropriate resources on campus. If you are ever feeling lost and confused come see a mentor to get you out of that slump!

Do you have experience and knowledge that you wish to share with your fellow students?
Apply now to be a mentor, a tutor or a volunteer tech and become a valuable resource to your peers! If you are interested click here for more details. Apply now!!

Be sure to take advantage of this center. We look forward to seeing you at the CS Peer Resource Center!